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Intent to deliver

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When you are arrested for a criminal charge in Washington State, you face many challenges legally and financially. A criminal offense has a serious impact on your life, including having a suspended license and performing jail time that prevents you from working.

At Jon Scott Law P.L.L.C., we provide the North Sound community with the legal ammunition necessary to fight your DUI, Domestic Violence, Drug-related and other criminal charge to its best possible resolution. Every step of the charge needs to be examined. This includes examining the officers performance and the validity and handling of any physcial evidence . You deserve the best legal outcome possible as it relates to your search Intent to deliver.

If the charge against has caused your license to be suspended, we can help you with your DOL hearing, to ensure that you get a fair outcome in regards to the status of your license.

Intent to deliver
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We are career DUI and criminal defense attorneys, fighting for you. We actively practice in the Skagit, Island, King and Snohomish County court systems and possess the legal expertise necessary to help expedite your case in the most favorable manner. Contact Jon Scott Law right now for a free initial consultation. Our direct phone number is (425) 258-6751 or Toll Free (800) 851-6751. We can help you.

The severity of your charge varies significantly depending on your particular situation. Jon Scott Law are equipped to handle the full spectrum of criminal charges. Don't let your criminal charge spiral out of control. Make certain you get the best legal representation possible as it relates to your search Intent to deliver.

This page is commonly useful for individuals searching for:

Intent to deliver

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Boating Under the Influence

At Jon Scott Law we handle incidents involving Boating or BUI (Boating Under the Influence). If you have been arrested for BUI in or around the North Sound area or in Washington State (e.g., Lake Washington, Lake Stevens, on the Puget Sound or Lake Union), please contact our office immediately so that we can begin pursuing a legal solution to your incident.

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Intent to deliver
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Frequently Asked Questions about Drunk Driving

Q: What is "blood-alcohol concentration" or "blood-alcohol level"?

A: Blood-alcohol concentration (BAC) is the level of alcohol in the bloodstream from drinking alcoholic beverages. BAC readings are used in court as evidence in drunk-driving cases. The most common method of measure is a breath test, although blood and/or urine testing is sometimes done. A result of .08 or higher may establish a presumption of intoxication. The details of the .08 BAC presumption laws vary among the states, but all 50 states have adopted .08 as their official intoxication level, in large part because of a federal threat of otherwise withholding highway funds.

Q: Can I refuse a Breathalyzer® test?

A: Every state has its own version of an implied consent law providing that a driver impliedly consents to alcohol testing just by the act of driving. In many states, a refusal to take a breath test is itself a criminal violation subject to stiff penalties. For example, refusing a breath test might result in automatic drivers-license suspension or revocation. If you are ultimately found guilty of a drunk-driving offense, there may be additional penalties because of the test refusal, such as a stiffer sentence. Your test refusal may also be used as evidence against you in a drunk-driving case.

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